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Encounters Wine Bar & Small Plate Kitchen

The old story goes - "It was planned on a napkin...." , in this case its actually true! Conceived at the open kitchen bar in our favourite restaurant in Whitefish Mt. Encounters was one of those daydream type things. Chatting over dinner and a good bottle of Shiraz.  "If we were to open another restaurant it would be...." We jotted down ideas and drew pictures on that napkin and Encounters Wine Bar & Small Plate kitchen was born. 

Fast forward a couple of years and we are building a building to house among other things, that daydreamed about cozy eatery.  Now we welcome you to the newest arm of Country Encounters Hospitality - Encounters Wine Bar a& Small Plate Kitchen.  Yes "Wine Bar" appears in our name and we have a nice little wine selection but the real focus is the food - after all "Kitchen" appears there too. With most items made in house, unique, fresh and tasty offerings are guaranteed. Join us today and see whats cooking!

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